about the soap

Once you’ve used handmade soap, you’ll never want to use anything less. We use vegetable oils and butters, essential oils, herbs and fine fragrance oils. Our soap is beautiful and gentle and you will love it.

Annabella & Co. soaps are made using the “cold process” method. Vegetable oils are combined with a water and lye solution and stirred until the mixture thickens. Scent, color and texture materials are added. When everything is incorporated, the “batter” is poured into block molds and left to harden for two days. The blocks are then unmolded, cut into bars, cured and dried for three weeks.

When you use your soap, make sure to let it drain and dry between uses. Store your stash of soaps in your sock drawer where it will get some air and avoid light that may break down the ingredients – a bonus is that your sock drawer will smell great

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